Carpentry services in Dallas Texas

Woodworking and painting in Dallas Texas

Do you want a house with really unique furniture and finishes? The personalized carpenter is the only answer, we design and create custom furniture with exclusive designs for you and your home. Wood works that you will not find in any store.

Our Carpentry Services

Carpenters in Dallas Texas

Carpenters services in Dallas Texas

In MYHOUSE we have highly qualified carpenters with the necessary experience to carry out different projects of carpentry, they are many years working the wood in many types and styles of furniture

Flooring Service of texas

Flooring services of texas

We are experts in installation, removal and repair of residential and commercial floors no matter if you want to do a project with unfinished hardwoods or pre-finished woods we adapt to any project.

Wall Accents in Dallas

Wall Accents in Dallas

One of the parts of our houses that we must maintain aesthetically well are the walls, in fact it is what our visitors see when they enter our home.

Crown Molding in Dallas

Crown molding in Dallas

Your home will have elegance and personality with original and quality crown molding, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to offer you personalized, perfect and finished moldings.

Baseboard, Plinths and Casings

Baseboard,Plinths and Casings

Baseboard plinths and casings are important in the decoration and aesthetics of your home since they add width, depth and height to any room in your house, achieving elegant and attractive visual and decorative aspects, your house will be the envy of your neighbors.


Kitchen Cabinets in Dallas TX

We manufacture and install kitchen cabinets for your home in Dallas, TX and all other nearby communities. If you are looking for custom kitchen cabinets at MYHOUSE 24/7 we are expert carpenters and will manufacture the best kitchen cabinets for you in Dallas.

We work with any type of wood and any type of design and size, any color and finish you can imagine. We adapt to any project no matter if you want to install a few kitchen cabinets or remodel your entire kitchen by replacing floors, fixtures, countertops and cabinets, we can do it.


Bathroom Cabinets in Dallas TX

A cabinet in your home bathroom is very important and necessary, as it can be very useful for multiple purposes. If you are looking to install new cabinets in your Texas bathroom, you are at the right place.

We offer you exclusive designs manufactured with the highest quality products and we install your cabinet professionally in your bathroom.


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It is time to start remodeling your house, contact us and request a quote for your project. We work in carpentry throughout dallas texas.

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