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We are specialists in carpentry in the dallas texas area, we carry out any work related to wood including everything in the Baseboard Installation Dallas and skirting boards of any size in houses, apartments and condominiums.

We will talk about the importance of baseboards and skirting boards and their professional installation by

Practically the function of the skirting is to cover the space between the walls with the floor, most rooms in modern buildings must have it otherwise it will have an appearance of incomplete or unfinished.

We can install a wide variety of skirting boards and you can choose the one you like the most in both sizes and designs, we will accompany you in the process to advise you on the best option in terms of visual quality and functionality.

When a skirting installation is carried out, it must be done by professionals, in the labor market you will find many carpenters workers who will offer you their services but take into account the experience, professionalism and the guarantee of hiring experts in the area.

Thanks to our experience we can mention some important points to take into account when making changes to your baseboards in dallas.

Obviously, before installing the new skirting, the old one must be removed.

Of course, our experience supports us to be able to make the changes of both baseboards and skirting boards in your house or apartment, to offer a few examples:

When removing an old skirting, you must take care of both the wall and the floor and then look for and remove the old glue, paint, nails or plaster that could affect the installation of the new pieces.
In the same way, when installing the baseboards we must do it very carefully since we can damage the wallpaper or the drywall to mention a few.

The idea of looking for a professional is to save on possible damages caused by someone inexperienced and of course to obtain guaranteed and quality work.

Quality materials

When repairing, adding or improving your skirting, it is necessary to use quality materials to guarantee the durability of both the work and the installed parts.

What parts make up a plinth?

Cap molding
• The skirting board
• Shoe moldings

It is time to hire the best in installation of baseboards and skirting boards in dallas texas, contact us and get jobs and results of the highest quality.

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